Understanding The Different Types Of Conveyors In Workplaces

Date Posted:15 April 2024 

In modern workplaces, the role of conveyors cannot be overstated. These systems streamline the movement of materials, significantly boosting efficiency, safety and productivity. Conveyors eliminate the need for manual transportation, reducing the risk of workplace injuries and allowing for the seamless operation of various industrial tasks. 

From small parts to large pallets, conveyors ensure that materials are moved swiftly and securely, optimising workflow and enhancing operational efficiency. In this blog post, let’s take a look at the different types of conveyors, as well as the considerations one should make when selecting the right conveyor for their workplace.

What are the different types of conveyors?

Here are the different types of conveyor belts that can be found in workplaces: 

  • Skate wheel conveyors — Ideal for lightweight loads, skate wheel conveyors consist of small wheels attached to a series of axles and are excellent for moving items that are flat on the bottom. Their simple design makes them not only cost-effective but also highly flexible and easy to install and reconfigure as needed.
  • Expanding skate conveyors — These conveyors extend like a telescope to suit various distances and are perfect for temporary setups or dynamic work environments. They're highly adaptable, making them suitable for loading and unloading areas or linking different sections of a workflow.
  • Expanding roller conveyors — Featuring rollers that allow for the smooth movement of goods, these conveyors can adjust in length and are designed for more substantial items than skate wheel variants. They're particularly useful in shipping and receiving areas, offering flexibility in how materials are routed through a space.
  • Electric expanding roller conveyors — Combining the adaptability of expanding conveyors with the power of electric motors, these conveyors automate the movement process, enhancing efficiency further. They are ideal for heavier loads and can significantly reduce manual handling, making them a smart choice for modern, high-volume workplaces.
  • Pneumatic conveyors — Pneumatic conveyors use air pressure or vacuum to transport materials through a system of tubes, making them ideal for moving powders, granules and other small or fine materials. They offer a clean, safe and efficient way to move products in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing..

Choosing the right conveyor for your workplace

When integrating conveyors into your workplace, it's crucial to consider these key factors to guide your selection:

  • Material characteristics — Understand the physical properties of the materials you intend to move. Different types of conveyors and conveyor belts are designed to handle specific materials, from lightweight goods to heavy-duty products.
  • Operational needs — Assess your operational requirements, including speed, volume and the direction of material movement. This will help determine the types of conveyor belts or types of conveyors suitable for your application.
  • Space constraints — Evaluate the available space in your workplace. Some conveyors, like expanding skate and roller conveyors, offer flexibility in layout and can be adjusted to fit limited spaces.
  • Maintenance and durability — Consider the maintenance needs and durability of the conveyor system. Electric expanding roller conveyors, for example, may require more maintenance but can handle heavier loads efficiently.
  • Safety features — Prioritise conveyors with built-in safety features to protect your workforce and materials.
  • Budget and return on investment (ROI) — Be sure to balance your budget with the potential return on investment. While some conveyor systems may have higher upfront costs, their efficiency and durability can offer long-term savings.

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