Battery Electric Work Positioners

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Quantity Image SKU / Description Price
SKU: V2200
Work Positioner - Flat Platform (100kg capacity)
In stock
SKU: V2201
Work Positioner - Flat Platform (150kg capacity)
In stock
SKU: V2202
V Block Attachment- 400x400x80mm
In stock
SKU: V2203
Roll Prong Attachment - 600x50mm
In stock
SKU: V2204
Double Prong Attachment - 450x50mm (2000mm Between)
In stock
SKU: V2205
Reel Handler Rotator Attachment - 430x90mm
In stock

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Battery Electric Work Positioners

  • A range of highly manoeuvrable, lightweight lifts, designed to take the strain out of any lifting job from ground level to over shoulder height
  • Ideal for use in narrow aisles and confined spaces. Perfect for all applications from pharmaceutical to catering, from packing line to food processing
  • Automatic electric overload protection system ensures safe operation
  • Quick change attachment options available
  • EN1757 compliant. CE marked
  • Takes 30 seconds to go from the lowest to highest positions
  • Battery electric with built in charger that you can plug in anywhere
  • Load Centre: 235mm
  • 24v, 7.2Ah battery
  • 75mm fixed rubber castors on front
  • 125mm swivel rubber castors with brakes on rear
  • Leg Height: 105mm
Code Overall Size:  Platform Attachement Size Min Height Max Height Load Capacity Unit Weight
V2200 890x600x1990mm 470x660mm (DxW) 130mm 1700mm 100kg 62kg
V2201 890x600x1790 470x660mm (DxW) 130mm 1500mm 150kg 65kg
V2202 400x400x80mm   - - -  
V2203 600x50mm   - - -  
V2204 450x50mm (200mm gap)   - - -  
V2205 430x90mm   - - - 11kg


Product Code See above table
Brand Liftex
Shipping Weight 70.0000kg