Louvre Panels (Metal & ABS Plastic)

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Quantity Image SKU / Description Price
SKU: V7293
Metal Louvre Panel 455x455mm (Width x Height)
In stock
SKU: V7294
Metal Louvre Panel 455x610mm (Width x Height)
In stock
SKU: V7295
Metal Louvre Panel 455x914mm (Width x Height)
In stock
SKU: V7296
Metal Louvre Panel 450x1800mm (Width x Height)
In stock
SKU: V7297
ABS Plastic Louvre Panel 460x153mm (Width x Height)
In stock
SKU: V7298
ABS Plastic Louvre Panel 460x460mm (Width x Height)
In stock

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Louvre Panels (Metal & ABS Plastic)

  • These louvre panels are available in both metal and ABS plastic and can be used for many applications including work benches, packing areas, walls, shelving etc
  • 4 standard sizes in the metal louvre panel and 2 standard sizes in the ABS plastic panels
  • V7295 is pictured with Stor-Pak Bins

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Code Overall Size (WxH)
V7293 455x455mm
V7294 455x610mm
V7295 455x914mm
V7296 450x1800mm
V7297 460x153mm
V7298 460x460mm


Product Code See above table
Brand Verdex
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg